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Merton Priory Team Ministry: Mission Statement
In Merton Priory Team Ministry we aim to be a community:

        Faithful to God
                Sharing with those in need
                        Caring for one another

Being 'Faithful to God' is the basis of Christian life. But it doesn't start with us. The centre of Christian faith is the conviction that God is faithful to us. Jesus shows us that God sticks by us, even when we get it wrong. And we stick by God in response to his commitment to us. There are some everyday ways we live this faithfulness: by worshipping, praying, seeking God's will. So we should ask ourselves: What will we do to stay faithful to God each day and for the rest of our lives?

Sharing with those in need also starts with God: Everything belongs to God and he's sharing it with us: we say 'all things come from you and of your own do we give you'. Learning to share is to allow this message not only to be in our minds but also touch our hearts. There are lots of ways to do this; for example, this winter we'll be sharing with those in need by offering our buildings and perhaps time and money to a Night Shelter project, in collaboration with other churches and community groups. How will you join in our mission to share with those in need?

Caring for one another. The phrase 'one another' is important. Being a church is not simply about the vicars caring and everyone else being cared for. Everyone needs to do the caring and everyone needs to be cared for. So we need to make sure we're part of a network within our parish a home group, a choir and so on where this caring becomes real. Where is your group where you are responsible for caring for others and know they will care for you?

So that's our mission. We know we don't always get it right, but we seek God's grace to fulfil this mission.